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    We are a Company with 35 years of Engineering Expertise. We are mainly Industrial Steel Door Specialists, although we have vast experience with general fabrication work. We manufacture, Install, Repair and service all types of Heavy Duty Steel Doors including: Hinged & Sliding Security Doors, Fire Doors, Blast Doors. We also specialise in all types of Industrial Doors, including Roller Shutters, Sectional Doors, Folding Doors & High speed Roller doors. In addition to this we  manufacture security barriers, Posts Gates Grilles & cages. We are a small company with 35 years of engineering expertise. We are mainly Industrial Steel Door Specialists, although we have vast experience with general
abrication work. We manufacture, Install, Repair and service all types of Heavy Duty Steel Doors including: Hinged & Sliding Security Doors, Fire Doors, Blast Doors. We also
specialise in all types of Industrial Doors, including Roller Shutters, Sectional Doors, Folding Doors & High speed Roller doors. In addition to this we manufacture security arriers, Posts Gates Grilles &

Our Fabrication Facility

Our fabrication facility in Bolton has machinery capable of Guillotining, Folding, Drilling, Punching, Plasma cutting, Mig Welding and Tig Welding. We undertake all types of fabrication work.


Examples of Past Projects undertaken

   This is an Hinged 2 Leaf Blast/Fire Door complete with an overhead transom removable panel. It is a Fabrication contract that we undertook for Booth Industries. The Doors was supplied to an Australian Petro/Chemical Refinery The frame was an 8mm pressed steel section The door leaves and transom panel were constructed from 6mm plate folded to form a section making the Door Leaves & panel 125mm Thick. All of the Door Furniture is constructed from 316 Stainless Steel The Total Weight of the completed Door Set is around 2 Tonne This is basically a Booth product, Fabricated By us to Booth Industries high specification. The Client was delighted with the finish and quality of the completed product
This is a set of 3 Stainless Steel Fire resistant, Auto Drop Roller Shutters. It is a Fabrication contract that we undertook for Booth Industries. The Shutters were supplied to Aker Solutions in Norway for a servery on an offshore installation. Materials: All of the shutters are constructed from 316 Stainless. All parts are high polished due to food hygiene standards The shutters are used as normal push up roller shutters. They also have a drop weight suspended in a separate track at the top. These are held with a fixed mechanism and are held in position with a magnet. The magnet releases when the fire alarm is triggered, this lets go of the drop weights, which in turn pull the shutters closed. We also have a torque controller to slow the descent of the shutters for safety.  

Past Projects undertaken and companies we have done work for Site maintenance & installation contracts

AWE Aldermaston. A large contract for Booth Industries, We are currently carrying out the installation of Blast proof panels and doors, these vary from 2000kg up to 5000kg in weight We are providing a 4 man team including General Site Supervision, our duties include: planning, supervising and installation. We work under a strict health and safety plan, of which the supervisor gives daily toolbox talks, checking certification of plant etc. and assisting with Booth management any product problems occurring after installation.  
Various offshore installation contracts for Booth Industries, including survey of work to be undertaken, installation & maintenance of fire & Blast doors on offshore installations, both in UK and continental waters.  
Installation of Industrial doors, panels, Manufacture of various items, including Doors, Roller Shutters, Gates, Security barriers, railings, Mezzanine Floors & Steel ladders. This work was carried out for various contractors including Booth Industries, Harrods and various engineering/fabrication companies. The sites included, Scottish parliament, Pfizer, various rig yards, mod bases and refineries around the UK.  
We carried out Installation of Blast panels at Smith Glaxo Klein, Dartford. This contract was undertaken for Booth Industries, it entailed installing Blast proof panels to the outside walls of one of the production buildings. The building was 3 storeys high, and the work was undertaken with a 4 Man team.  
Refurbishment of Aircraft Hanger Doors in Heathrow Terminal 4. These doors were 30 metres wide x 20 metres High. At the time, these were the Hangers that housed the Concords. The work included removing the motors & gearboxes to inspect for gear wear, upgrading the electrics, changing the major mechanical components on the doors.  
Offshore Installation Engineer. This was mainly undertaken for Booth Industries, but I also had a contract with AMEC offshore, it entailed surveying, installing, and repairing Fire and blast doors on offshore installations in the British and continental Energy Industry. The work entailed carrying out detailed surveys for replacement doors & panels, installing and repairing Doors and panels. The work was undertaken on most of the North Sea and Atlantic offshore installations, but also included work in France, Africa, Brazil and the Middle East on their offshore installations.  
RNAD Coulport. This contract was undertaken for Booth Industries, it entailed installing 500 Blast doors to the Trident Extension base in Western Scotland. The doors varied in size and weight from approx 250kg up to around 4000kg. I was the site manager with 15 men under my supervision at one stage, the work was very challenging. I planned, supervised, inspected all of the work and I sat in weekly progress meetings with the 3 main contractors.